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Welcome to Zivot!

Hi there! I'm hoping to spread love and sparkles while encouraging others to live a healthful lifestyle through my passion for wellness and fitness. I’m married to the love of my life and have two kiddos that I’m just crazy with love for.  I began my career as a student teacher with the aspiration of becoming Superintendent for the New York public school system.  A few things happened along my journey and I became a Certified Public Accountant instead and jumped right into audit and accounting.  Similar, right? 

Years later, after I had my babies, I took a detour and opened a home-based preschool with a customized curriculum for each child and overall themes of nature, nutrition and creativity.  I was already passionate about nutrition and fitness, so that detour turned into my own business where I provided hands on cooking workshops, and I also became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor around that time, having fun with a few boot camps and leading H.I.I.T and kickboxing classes at a local gym. Just before moving to Colorado in the summer of 2015, I worked as a Lifestyle Educator at a Physician’s office where I had the amazing opportunity to work one on one with patients alongside terrific, functional minded doctors.

My children were teenagers by the time we moved to Colorado in 2015 and I was ready to go back into Accounting - but not until I had a little fun as a travelling fitness coach with Jump Bunch, an amazing organization that gets children moving and having fun! And not until I dabbled as a Cooking Instructor for the City of Aurora. And to add just a little more sparkle in this area, a few years after moving to Colorado, I became an Integrative Health Coach and got my Personal Trainer Certification.  


I hope that you'll pick up some new lifestyle habits, new foods and best of all a positive outlook for your own journey!


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