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Zivot fitness fun at IPW

A wellness program can do amazing things for an organization and there are many studies that support its direct and positive impact on both the individual and company level. I'm familiar with some of the great apps and coaching that companies offer employees, and they can be fantastic. Unfortunately, they can also be cost prohibitive for smaller organizations. The bright side here is that not utilizing programs intended for a larger audience opens the door to creativity and specificity when developing a wellness program for the workplace, and that allows for more flexibility as the program grows and changes with team members. I enjoyed, first-hand, incredible benefits when I created a wellness program at IPW, a manufacturing facility in Denver, CO [launched in 2017].

Here are just some of the wonderful things that came about as a direct result of the program:

  • Fostered a sense of community and collaboration across departments.

  • Reduced absenteeism.

  • Testimonials from team members cited improvements in health markers, such as blood pressure and decreased bouts of depression.

  • Lots more smiles and warm greetings!

  • Sessions on healthy eating habits were celebrated with nutritious and delicious potlucks with a rainbow of new recipes and tastings!

  • Fun HIIT classes that had us sweating and laughing!

  • Decreased renewal rate in medical premium two years in a row (company was self-funded)

It began with a simple flyer posted in the Denver facility that let team members know I'll be talking to the group about the foundation of health and wellness during an upcoming lunch. The majority was Spanish speaking, so I reached out and found an ambassador within the group who was bi-lingual. She translated that session for me and many others to come. Like many organizations, IPW had a facility and staff in another state, as well as some remote employees- I found an ambassador at our Indiana location to keep a pulse on things: program interest in our Indianapolis facility was different from that in Denver.

After the program launch and introduction to the foundation of living a healthier life, exciting challenges were rolled out. Challenges where individuals competed against themselves, with prizes that included fresh produce, fitness equipment and kitchen gadgets. Fitness was slowly incorporated into the program. I still remember the first time that I demonstrated a squat and lunge in the main breakroom while wearing dress pants and heels. It was the first time some of them saw these two moves and there were plenty of sweet smiles and giggles around the room. It was a playful energy and soon after, I began breakout sessions where we would do simple and beginner level fitness routines, just 5 or 10 minutes at first. The crowd grew and as we outgrew our space, we moved into the largest empty space of the warehouse-- the shipping area where trucks backed up into our docks to load up with inventory. The Warehouse Manager ensured a safe class each time, removing any pallets or equipment that could be a safety hazard and arranging pick-ups around class timing when possible. I led HIIT classes 2-3x a week and a Zumba instructor (an employee and fitness ambassador) led Zumba sessions 1-2x a week. We had company participation at about 30% for some time, including an older gentleman who we fondly referred to as Papa. He'd work out with his stylish western boots and denim each time - it was wonderful.

With such strong participation and an established program, I reached out to our Cigna partners to learn about wellness incentives they provide and how I can leverage them with the program. That discussion resulted in an on-going partnership where they attended a few of my classes onsite and I kept them abreast of challenges and fun going on. Seeing the positive impact, I received generous support from Cigna annually to help me with the program - they helped with equipment purchases consisting of yoga mats, dumbbells and rack, medicine balls, resistant bands, prizes and more! Cigna and our lab partner, Quest Diagnostic sponsored our first ever Health Fair where I had Quest Diagnostics come out and do basic lab work (and explanation of results) for all employees and their family members [whether they were insured or not]. The event was a success, and we had an overwhelming attendance on an off-work day!

Once the foundations of healthy eating were established and a robust fitness program in place, it was time to take it up a notch. I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and quickly began creating 6-week coaching sessions with groups up to 10, both onsite and remote. Sessions began with meditation and gratitude... it was a welcome break during the day for us all.

Continuing to build on the momentum of the wellness program, I introduced belly dancing. In fact, I led all my weekly sales and finance meetings with 1-2 belly dance songs - setting up my camera in the office to include team members in Indiana and Pennsylvania (remote). Disclaimer: I do NOT know how to belly dance. I like the music and the sound the wraps with the coins make, and I led the sessions with a very loose interpretation of belly dancing, at best. Interestingly enough, all the women participating in these weekly meetings learned to perform some of the basic moves, mastering the figure 8!

The best wellness programs include the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the individual. How they are structured and what they offer will vary-- think of the programs being bio-individual in some sense since they must take into consideration the demographic, location, industry, interest, and other important things of the organization and its culture. When team members are supported this way, wonderful things happen within the organization, allowing the business to thrive and work wholly as one. It truly is a mutually beneficial and beautiful energy, passion and commitment all around.

"IPW’s fitness/wellness program made a profound and positive impact with those employees who participated. Not only did the employees learn about making healthy decisions regarding food and exercise, but it also substantially saved the company money with its health care costs. I am so pleased to have learned that the exercise sessions continue on a daily basis and know the health and well-being of those employees continues to improve. Zivot has left a lasting and meaningful impact." ~Keith Arnold, Co-Founder, IPW
"The program changed my outlook as I experimented with new ideas and learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. It was challenging at first but the more I stayed the path, the easier it got. I felt very strong, energized... such a GREAT feeling! When I was part of the wellness program, I was the healthiest that I had ever been and I was eating a diet that I've never eaten before. I truly miss Senia and what she brought to IPW." ~ Jose Montoya, IPW Shipping Warehouse Manager
"Imagine if you will that you're working in a warehouse with individuals speaking different languages. You would love to connect with them but language barriers make it difficult. Next, imagine a Zivot coach launching a wellness program in this warehouse. Like magic, people start laughing together, sweating together, and sharing a common goal. All of a sudden, the language barrier disappears. Friendships develop. Collaborations develop. Friends put language differences aside, work out together, struggle together and share huge successes TOGETHER. This happened to me!! My time with Zivot has been a life altering experience and I hope it becomes that for you as well." ~Jenny Pfeifer, Warehouse associate, IPW.
"The wellness program positively impacted my life. Participating in the coaching sessions and fitness classes changed my lifestyle for the better: I am eating well now, better managing my work life balance, and prioritizing my time to allow room for exercise. With a healthy body and mind, we can do all things." ~ Tjitra Armendariz, Payroll Specialist, IPW.

With love and sparkles,


Weekly sales and finance meetings at IPW

Healthy snacks coming in for a Zivot coaching session.

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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

We are all unique. One of a kind. Embrace it, friends! What makes us feel happy and healthy is specific to each of us. A food or supplement that miraculously clears a friend's illness or eliminates their eczema may or may not do the same for another. It worked for them. We need to find what will work for us, and the best way to do this is by trial and error.

Bio-individuality isn't just about what we eat and drink, it's much more than that. It's all our lifestyle. Health is complex and encompasses wonderful aspects of our lives: environment, social connections, relationships, exercise routine, career, spirituality and more. It's fluid and dynamic, changing with us on our healthful journeys - it's about finding what makes us happy at this stage in our lives and what makes us feel amazing now.

Our bio-individuality is why there are so many health trends and unique diets; generally, by well-intentioned people who've found amazing results with the lifestyle choices they've made, and they're excited to share with others. The issue is that it won't work for everyone and realistically speaking, won't work exactly for any two individuals. Experimenting with different diet and lifestyle choices is the way to find the magic potion that works wonderfully for each of us.

Tune in to the mind and body and listen for where to begin - a new fitness routine at home? A plant-based diet? More time outdoors? New social connections? Let's take a moment to consider that there is something constant in most diets and programs out there: the importance of movement and eating a diet filled with plant-based foods. Remember that we all start where we are now, and that's what matters... small changes will build on each other, resulting in long lasting positive habits.

While studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I learned about the importance of primary food as well as secondary food when it comes to health and what makes us thrive as individuals. Primary food embodies the complexity in all of us and brings awareness to the bigger picture of health, really looking at lifestyle and environment. Secondary food is our fuel in the form of food- our diet. And it's really a full circle since what we eat is influenced by our lifestyle and environment... our primary food.

As you look to find what best supports your bio-individuality, consider both primary and secondary foods. Do you have a high stress job that leaves you exhausted at the end of the day, and craving comfort or snack foods, for instance. Or maybe you want to exercise regularly but haven't really considered your options - joining a gym is only one option and not everyone enjoys it. You need to find what movement you enjoy... that's when you'll be able to do it consistently.

Start with the basics and don't overwhelm yourself:

  • Crowd out foods you'd like to remove or limit by including more whole foods. Eat that vegetable soup or green salad first, you'll have less room for the other stuff

  • Consume a rainbow of colors when it comes to fruits and vegetables

  • Include movement- it can be a walk, housework, or a H.I.I.T workout - do what makes you happy

  • Keep a journal to track your mood and feeling as you experiment with new things

  • Set aside time to play and give yourself something to look forward to: walking outside, reading a book, meeting a friend at a coffeeshop

With love and sparkles to beautiful, bio-individual YOU,


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Visiting my pops is always a unique and endearing experience. He lives in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn [NY] where produce stands are ubiquitous. That serves him extremely well since he chooses to consume a mostly plant-based diet, with an interest in a new fruit or vegetable each time I see him! It's not just the fresh and yummy food that I enjoy with him... it's also watching nonsense shows that make us laugh, hearing rich stories of the past, and maybe more than anything, appreciating his positive and cheerful disposition

He is 87 years old and still regularly walks miles at a time, his energy level at a healthy constant. I introduced him to the Nike app a couple of years ago to track all the wonderful steps and miles. When we go on walks together now, so does the app, talking to us as we go: when we stop at a streetlight, it lets us know our 'workout paused', when we begin walking, it lets us know our 'workout resumed', and it also lets us know each time we've covered a quarter mile. His eyesight is amazing, and he doesn't wear prescription glasses. I can't look up when it's sunny without sunglasses and here he is, with green eyes (they say lighter eyes are more sensitive to light), not even squinting.

Pops' healthy lifestyle evolved over time, small steps building upon one another. It's routine for him, seamless and instinctual.

Habits and tips as I see them with Pops... and a couple extra he doesn't do yet [can you guess which?]

Eating Habits

  • Do NOT walk or drive while eating: Take it slow and sit down for meals. Your digestive system will run better [you know, like an engine] and you'll be more mindful of it all.

  • Eat a salad every day: It's a great way to ensure you are eating vegetables on a daily basis. And build your other meals around veggies for more variety.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Gratitude: Bring pleasure up a notch by appreciating the meal. Maybe the corn meal bread is perfect, or the corner shop had a really good batch of green beans that day.


  • Enjoy regular phone dates with family members.

  • Share your day with someone you care about, taking turns talking.

  • Listen: Give people your full attention. Practice listening.

  • Help someone: volunteer, grab a door, compliment a stranger, offer a smile.


  • Sleep. Get your Zzzz. Regularly.

  • Relax and recharge: try meditation, take deep breaths, just chill.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice and floss at least once daily. It really boosts dental health! A water pic in lieu of flossing does the trick marvelously.


  • Laugh more. Be silly and spend more time with people that make you laugh.

  • Pay attention to negative self-stalk and replace with wording that is encouraging and positive.

  • Daily affirmation practice: start and/or end your day with a powerful word or statement.

  • Pause when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Click below to learn how belly breathing can help.


  • Set a goal to move that is achievable and then increase when you're ready. You can start with a goal of 10 minutes walking each day. It doesn't have to be at once and it can be walking in place.

  • Sign up for something new. Try something new.

  • Stand up or move around a bit once every 60 minutes. Put on a timer if you need to. It gets the blood flowing.

  • Find the time to move just a bit more. You've heard these before: take the stairs, park farther away, do lunges on the way to the bathroom [I'm proud to share this one-oh, and you could do high knees on your next trip!]

Home Environment

  • Plants are awesome. Not just beautiful to look at, plants help clean the air and provide more oxygen.

  • Organize your space and you'll be more productive, making whatever you're doing more pleasurable.

  • Make your bed every morning. It just starts the day off right.

  • Turn off electronics at least half an hour before bed.

Whether you are trying just one of these healthy tips or you're already doing many, my hope is that you stay inspired and committed to yourself and feeling oh so good!

With love and sparkles,


Portokali Gourmet Market, Sheepshead Bay

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