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When small becomes BIG

I'm not talking about taking small steps to achieve a greater goal, although that is a wonderfully effective way to do so [and worthy of a separate post!]. I'm referring to a holistic approach to positive mindfulness. Becoming increasingly aware of our surroundings and noticing small and incredible things. Appreciating nature and thoughtful gestures from family, friends and strangers. And appreciating... other stuff😊.

Have fun and experiment with this: set off to find small things that make you smile or make you wonder in awe. And when people say or do something nice while you're playing with this experiment, truly recognize it and allow it to fill you with positivity. When you really appreciate nature's beauty and life around you, it sparks happy feelings and happy thoughts. That's good for both your mental and physiological self. And when something negative stumbles in your way, you'll have some great, positive emotions and memories to recall that can help you navigate through the negative stuff. Let's work on crowding out negative thoughts with positive ones!

Seeing nature's beauty and feeling love and positivity in everyday things can lead to a happier and healthier whole self: that's the holistic approach to positive mindfulness I'm talking about ❤.


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