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Week 6 of Mindfulness

It's easy to fall out of the practice of mindfulness with our busy and often, distracted lives. When that happens, gently guide yourself back. No pressure as to how you do it or for how long - the important thing is that you do what feels good, helps you to relax, and what fills you with love and gratitude.

Meditation first thing in the morning- even for just 5 minutes- can set a positive tone to your day. It can help you discover little miracles, as Louise Hay would say. Done before bed, meditation can flush out negativity that may have seeped in and allow for a peaceful evening and more restful sleep.

Mindfulness can be done anytime and anywhere as you bring yourself to the present, using all your senses to focus. Truly spend time with family and friends [social distance works, too!] where you listen wholly and without judgement. Savor meals and really chew food: chewing food triggers wonderful enzymes that break down food into nutritional "stuff" that nourishes your body. You will absorb much more nutrients this way!

Begin and end each day with gratitude and allow love and kindness to guide you in life.

With love and sparkles,


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