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Week 5 of Mindfulness: Stress and Memory

We are experiencing a great deal of stress right now. Stress isn't anything new, of course, but the stakes may be much higher now-- for many of us. It's pushing individuals to near a breaking point. Stress can damage our memory if we continue to be in a state of high stress, feeling constantly overwhelmed. So many have taken on more responsibilities at the workplace in response to staff cuts and other issues. This same stress happens in the home environment as well, particularly with what's going on with schooling right now in the face of the pandemic.

Look at it this way: our minds are so filled with anxiety, fear, and stress that it's at the expense of memory, mental clarity and health. The wonderful news is that it doesn't have to be this way! Practicing mindfulness allows us to begin to reduce the clutter in the mind and become increasingly aware of our thoughts and what we are feeling. Practicing mindfulness is just that: being mindful of what we are experiencing at the very moment. Focusing on our breath and being mindful of what we are feeling naturally crowds out stress and mind clutter.

Meditation may not create a new, ridiculously awesome memory, but it can strengthen and improve the memory we do have. Our ability to stay focused without getting distracted (too much) will improve for us as we go throughout our daily lives and work. Let's become more in tune with our minds as it'll allow us to preserve and strengthen our mind while opening us up to more joy [and remembering beautiful moments].

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