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Week 3 of Mindfulness

This week during your meditations, consider using the tips listed below - super awesome tips from Hay House Publishing (Audio Unlimited) with my thoughts/experience with each:

  1. Remind yourself of your motivation: Think of why you're meditating and what it means to you. Write it down or say it to yourself. For me, some days it's with a healing intention and other days (most days, really), it's to allow for gratitude and love to start the day with and to carry with me afterwards.

  2. Keep your practice close to your heart: Meditation is for you. Keep it personal to you.

  3. Establish a routine: This will help make it a daily practice. If you have to, schedule it at first and then over time, allow it to become a natural part of your daily routine. I'm struggling to stay focused and tend to think of work, a movie I watched, chocolate, etc. but I notice that meditation for me sets a tone that is calm and more peaceful-- helps me to keep my "cool" throughout the day.

  4. Commit: Remember how we started with a 5 minute commitment to meditate each day. That's it right there. Set as much time aside as you'd like or can.

  5. Practice what you practice: Dedicate that time to relax, keep your body still and your mind alert (mindfulness).

  6. Keep a book of insights: Sometimes meditation can bring clarity to things going in your life. Make a note of it :)

  7. Rejoice: Allow time at the end of each day for gratitude. Be grateful for your mind and body and the wonderful opportunity of growth, both spiritually and healthfully.

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