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The Rainbow Challenge!

Updated: May 20, 2020

I'm super excited about our first challenge! Rather than making a point to eliminate things from our diet, we will be making a point to add things to our diet. The idea behind it is simple: adding more nutritious foods will naturally crowd out some of the not so nutritious foods. Consider any diet restrictions you have with any challenge and work around it accordingly.

For 10 days, eat as many vegetables in as many colors as you can! I like to include white to represent clouds - think cauliflower, potato, jicama, turnip - that sort of yummy. Use this as an opportunity to discover and try new foods and recipes or just add a [new] vegetable to a favorite meal. If you're into smoothies like I am, throw in 2-3 servings of veggies and BAM, look at that intake! You can include fruit in this game, but keep your focus on the veggies. Track your daily intake anyway you'd like, and I've included two files below that you can use (use whichever you prefer and print as many copies as you'd like!). Scribble in the food on the color banner to help you track all the yummy food.

Download PDF • 29KB

eat your rainbow chart
Download XLSX • 35KB

See how you feel at the end of the 10-day challenge. When you prioritized eating nutritious foods, did you "crowd out" any of the not so nutritious foods you would have consumed otherwise? Is there a particular color that you haven't included at all over the course of the challenge? Make a point to add to your grocery list for the coming week.

Share with me how it went. I'd love to know!

In good health and stay safe,


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