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The Perfect Diet

With so many diets out there, old and new, you may be wondering just what the perfect diet is. Our unique bio-individuality defines what that means for each of us so let's begin here. Consider what the different things below mean to you:

  • Gender: Men and women eat differently and what works for men may or may not work for women. I'm not talking stereotypes here- only pointing out that we each have unique needs and that means different things for different individuals. It's important not to feel pressured into a particular diet or feel forced to adopt certain dietary choices. We need to better understand what our body needs and that requires self reflection.

  • Age: Think about the foods you enjoyed as a child and how you eat today. Our diets change throughout our lives [for a variety of reasons but not always for the best]. Consider what nutrition means to you today as you look into the future and what that can mean for you.

  • Culture: This is where some genetic predisposition comes into play. What did your ancestors [from the country they grew up] eat?

  • Cravings: This is a tough one but definitely one you want to experiment with and deeply consider. Some cravings take into play the stage of life you're at, culture, and gender and then some bring you comfort because they bring you back to a happy time in your childhood. Personally, I recognized that my craving for coffee cake connected me to my childhood and my mom, who I lost years ago.

  • Belief: It's where belief turns into personal conviction and a way of life; based on religion, scientific or other reasons.

  • Attitude: Individuals can be super careful about everything they eat, be completely relaxed with their attitude toward food or anywhere in between!

  • Medication/Illness: It's important to speak to your doctor or medical practitioner about diet if you are ill or taking medication. Certain foods/supplements can react with certain medications, as well as existing conditions/illness.

As unique individuals, we each have a "perfect diet" and that is for each of us to determine. Remember that no one diet is the best for everyone. As I read many times in my IIN course, 'One person's food is another person's poison.'

Think about how certain foods make you feel-- do you feel energized and great afterwards? Or do you feel bloated, experience heartburn or just NOT great? Experiment with food. Make a note of things along the way. If you're not there already, get back to a state where you experience intuitive eating - we are meant to be this way! Taking medication to ease stomach cramps after a meal and then repeat the process because you absolutely love the food or drink [that results in the symptom] is how you'll distance yourself from intuitive eating.

Be patient as you work to discover what the perfect diet means for you. It'll take time, self reflection, mindfulness and experimentation, and it'll be so rewarding as you learn more about yourself and what fuels your body best.

With love and sparkles,


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