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Setting Intentions

Focus. Motivation. Power. It's what happens when you set intentions.

I think of mindfulness when I think of intention because setting an intention is being in control and being in focus. I've used intention with my workouts and focused on the movements and how my body feels. And I've used intention to start my day: I will be a better listener today. I will practice gratitude in all I do today. It's incredibly motivating!

Before beginning your exercise, set a clear intention of what you want to accomplish: is it a 3-mile walk? A run at a certain speed and distance? Is it a routine with dumbbells that you planned or video you'll follow? Set the intention and focus on it- remain in the moment and feel the movements: the burn, the muscle contraction, your quickening breath. Maintain your focus and think of your intention- remember, you are in control, and you are powerful.

Setting an intention at the start of the day can be much like an affirmation and set great things in motion. Consider the intention to practice gratitude throughout the day: it's a happy and peaceful state of mind that allows you to see the beauty in things, large and small. It opens you to feeling love and appreciation for those important to you. It creates kindness and brings into your life, more wonderful things to be grateful for. And the intention to practice gratitude will allow you to focus and better deal with challenges you may face.

Setting intentions will bring focus and motivation into your life, and those intentions will help you achieve your goals. You'll better understand what's important now as you establish priorities. Intentions are unique to you... with an energetic connection to your personal values. What intention will you set now?

With love and sparkles,


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