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Playing in the desert!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Joshua Tree is a beautiful and peaceful haven in California, a place that my family and I enjoyed tremendously during a visit this past March. A bit on the chilly side and windy, the weather made it all the more cozier. I took the opportunity to play outside and couldn't wait to share my video with you! But, I didn't get the opportunity to edit and share the video with you until now as I had to give myself time to heal. Unfortunately, not long after returning home in Colorado, a severe storm hit and I suffered a bad injury after being too aggressive in making snow angels in the snow and ice. Can you believe it?! Well, don't 'cause I'm just joking.

The truth is quite boring but here it is: a patch of ice sent me reeling and I landed directly on my left elbow, creating trauma and bone separation. I was fist bumped by the Emergency Room staff - they were clearly impressed with the injury, saying to me," You don't mess around, and go all the way the first time!" They were also impressed with me driving myself to work and then Urgent Care (who then directed me to the Emergency Room) with the injury being as severe as it was so I guess I should be... proud, lol!? Next day was surgery and I'm stronger than ever now -- how could I not be considering I have a titanium plate with 6 screws? I'm like a modern day bionic woman!

Hope you enjoy the video. I'm not back to exercise yet but enjoy this one in the meanwhile :)

With Love and Sparkles,


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