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Week 1 of Mindfulness

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Moving our Mindfulness Challenge to a Weekly Look Ahead, broken out by the day. Day 1 began this past Monday. If you haven't joined the challenge yet, this is a great time to start!

We will be setting aside 5 minutes each day for meditation and as time goes on, I'll share thoughts and ideas on how to incorporate more mindfulness in your day. Allow this experience to flow with no expectation.

Decide on when you can devote some time to meditate and keep that same time each day. Morning would be a wonderful time as it has the ability to set your day off awesome, but if that doesn't work, maybe before bed? Whichever time you choose, stick to the same time each day, and if one day, things get crazy, and you absolutely can't set aside the 5 minutes, don't sweat it. This is about feeling good, not guilty.

Find a place that you can meditate-- somewhere quiet, and with the least distractions (you can wear headphones, too, if that's not possible). Plan to sit on the floor with legs crossed and maybe on the edge of a cushion [for extra comfort], or you can plan to sit on a chair with your feet grounded.

Now that you have the time of day and place you'll be practicing mindfulness each day, ready yourself to give this love and care to YOU and your body. Close your eyes and smile. 💖

Breathing. Our bodies don't need to think of how to do it. We just breathe.

It's about paying attention to your breath. Sit in a comfortable place and feel each inhale and exhale. Notice the belly filling with air and emptying as you exhale. Notice how your rib cage gently moves with each breath. Our bodies are magnificent. Give thanks to your body for breathing and send love to yourself.

Mindfulness is about being in the moment and using your senses to really experience the moment. Consider if you'd like to have next to you: a candle, essential oil or incense to heighten your awareness and to help you relax. Consider, too, if you'd like to have meditation music in the background, whether it's a music playlist, favorite songs or nature sounds. Creating a relaxing atmosphere will help your entire body relax and encourage you to continue the practice of mindfulness or meditation each day.

Gratitude is a wonderful thing. Feeling gratitude fosters a happier self and can create a positive impact on our health, relationships and overall well-being. Click on the guided meditation from UCLA Health to help. It's less than 6 minutes long. Breathing Guided Meditation

For more information on gratitude, check out the studies performed on just how effective it can be and how to incorporate more of it into your life: https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/in-praise-of-gratitude

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