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A Healthy Home

A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy home... and just as we are all bio-individuals, homes are unique and mean different things for each of us. Homes can be calm and soft-toned or they can be energetic and brightly decorated. One individual may thrive in an urban environment with a constant hum and activities all around while another may prefer a quiet, rural environment with a slower pace. What do you love most about your home? Does the environment make you feel inspired, happy, relaxed? Take time to think about your ideal environment... how does your current status compare?

What small things can you add or change to make your home environment more amazing?

Fun home ideas:

  • Indoor plants are a fabulous way to purify the air! And they add a positive flow of energy to the home. Some plants take ongoing attention and nurturing while others don't require much at all and are easy to care for.

  • Keep potted herbs such as basil, mint and parsley in the kitchen. Fresh herbs smell great, look great and taste great!

  • Sleep is super important so be sure to make the sleep space as comfortable as possible... a cozy [or weighted] blanket to snuggle up in, shades or curtains to block out light in the evenings if you have a window(s) in your bedroom.

  • Make your bed in the morning - it starts your day off right! And it looks nice.

  • Paint the walls. Hang artwork or photos. Add a bright or muted throw pillow for the couch or chair.

  • Organize the kitchen and pantry. You'll be encouraged to cook more... and preparing your own meals is generally a much healthier (and cheaper) option!

Our home environment is unique and a reflection of our individual personality, goals and interests. Create one that makes you happy and that works for you. Just as you thrive on different diets and movement/exercise activities throughout your life, let your home environment do that for you as well, evolving with you as you move through different phases of your life.

With love and sparkles,


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2 comentários

23 de abr. de 2023

Thanks for the tips! I'm planning on making a healthier home when I move in my new place!Organize kitchen and pantry will be the first thing to do! Lol

24 de abr. de 2023
Respondendo a

I love it💞

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